The County Tax Board of Jersey City on July 26, 2018 certified the final tax rate of 1.48% (per $100 of assessed value). Good news is that this is down from the previously reported estimate of 1.62%. According to Mayor Fulop this is the fifth year the city has kept the municipal tax rate stable. There has not been a tax revaluation in the city since 1988 and assessed values in some downtown neighborhoods like the Village, Van Vorst Park and Paulus Hook increased 3 or 4 times hitting one family and multi-family homes especially hard. Despite the recent tax revaluation property values have remained steady in Downtown Jersey City and continue to increase in other areas of the city. #jerseycitytaxreval

Official website for the tax reval process — click here

2018 Revaluation Tax Impact Summary — click here

Councilperson Solomon’s Presentation – click here

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